At HGE, we want to put the immeasurable beauty of the world at your fingerprints.

Our Expeditons are packed with incredible, timeless and breathtaking experiences that create spectacular memories for you and your loved ones. Exploring the best that our international community has to offer, we take you to magnificent destinations to discover their culture, history and natural majesty.


We want you to get more from your travels, to dive into the destinations you really want to visit and to return feeling like you made the absolute most of your adventure. To that end, we’ll create diverse and engaging tailormade itineraries for you, featuring memorable accommodation, iconic experiences, and the services of professional and knowledgeable local guides who always go above and beyond.

Each one of those itineraries is crafted around the experience you are most interested in. Our expert travel advisors are at your disposal to help you create a journey that’s designed around your interests. Just let us know what you want, and we’ll arrange everything. It’s as simple as that.


We believe that travel plays an intrinsic role in connecting people from around the globe to other cultures and ways of life that can enrich and educate.

We believe that we, as travelers have a duty to help and inspire positive change in the people we meet on our journeys.

When you travel with us, you travel with a purpose. Our way of travelling is built around opening minds to the incredible world around us, and to inspire our customers to get more from the lives they lead.

That inspiration can also be the driving force for helping others around the globe improve their own lives in turn.

If you feel called to make a donation before or after your excursion, there will be an opportunity for you to do so when making final arrangements.
100% of donations go directly to The Lamrim Foundation.

That’s why Harriett Grey is a proud supporter of the Lamrim Foundation.