Our founders have hand picked a collection off some of the most incredible, most memorable and most fascinating destinations in the world for you to explore with Harriett Grey Expeditions.

Whatever your bucket list consists of, we offer a vast array of destinations that can make your travel dreams come true. Whether you're looking to experience jaw-dropping mountain ranges, magnificent temples, pure crystalline lakes, majestic animals, or awe-inspiring palaces, we'll create bespoke itineraries that will be absolutely unforgettable. The most iconic destinations in the world are calling -- let us help you experience them in a way few others have. 

Discover the world, the Harriett Grey way.


Untamed Mongolia

An astonishing country of dramatic, wild and endless beauty, Mongolia is a travel destination like no other.


Kaleidoscopic India

For a destination that explodes with colors, tastes, sights and smells, there’s nowhere better than majestic India.

Magnificent Dharamshala

Unforgettable Himalayan landscapes and meaningful Buddhist culture make Dharamshala a destination that should be on everyone’s bucket


Land of Nomads – Kyrgyzstan

Every season presents a different view, with herds of horses and flowing rivers mid-summer or quiet emptiness and clear skies in winter. The journey to Kyrgyzstan explores the stunning mountains, azure alpine lakes, nomadic culture.


5 senses EXPEDITION - Indian Journey

Set out on an adventure across India, a remote Buddhist kingdom ringed by soaring Himalayan peaks.

Unforgettable local culture unchanged for centuries – India is an exceptional part of the world.

Limited spaces / duration 12-15 days / Private tour from 3,699$.