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est. 2018

Harriett Grey Expeditions was founded in 2018 by a group of friends who believe there is more to travel than just getting away from home. Our mission is to bring philanthropy and travel together into one package, to explore the world while giving something back at the same time. We provide authentic travel experiences, created with local partners in the destinations we visit, to help our customers become part of the countries and communities they explore on their journey.



Currently residing in London. She has been fueling her passion for travel for the past decade. With a deep appreciation for exploration, Andrea believes that there is nothing quite like the thrill of discovering a new destination or revisiting a beloved one. It is through these journeys that she finds the opportunity to break free from old routines and embrace the unknown, constantly pushing herself outside of her comfort zone.

In today's world, travelers are increasingly yearning for meaningful experiences. This is where our expeditions come into play, led by Andrea and her team. They offer an unparalleled chance to expand your cultural horizons and unveil destinations in a refreshingly unique way. Whether it's uncovering hidden gems or immersing yourself in authentic local experiences, Andrea ensures that every expedition promises to leave a lasting impact and create memories that will stay with you forever.


one of the remarkable founders who brings a wealth of experience spanning 15 years in the events, entertainment and travel industry. With an in-depth understanding of our clientele and an extesinve network of connections, Iggy combines these valuable assets to deliver exceptional service and great experience. 

“If the goal of your trip is to fully explore a place and its people, an expedition will ultimately be much more fulfilling.

After all, the essence of this kind of travel lies in uncovering the little details that make a destination come alive. It’s about tasting the local cuisine, embracing the music that resonates with the spirit of the location, diving into its rich history, and seeing the forest beyond the trees”


Born in Czech Republic, now based in the vibrant NYC. Simona is a global citizen who loves spending time on the road and chasing adventure. Harriett Grey Expedition was born out of her passion and love for independent, unique travel that go beyond mass tourism. Her keen eye for the extraordinary ensures that each expedition under the Harriett Grey banner is a trully unforgattable experience.

“I thoroughly enjoy exploring the globe’s many compelling cultures. Adventure is about what comes next… You get to create experience that people will always remember.”


A trailblazing entrepreneur and passionate luxury traveler whose accomplishments in the world of finance and business are as impressive as they are inspiring. His indomitable spirit and knack for transcending boundaries align perfectly with his deep- seated passion for high- end travel and exploration. Whether it’s chartering private yachts, or procuring unique villas, Jirka meets the lofty expectations of our ultra-high-net worth clientele with an infectious enthusiasm and a relentless drive for discovery.